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The AWP (Artists' Writings & Publications) is an interdisciplinary research centre with a trans-national focus, committed to supporting impactful and excellent research in conventional and experimental forms.

Read about our Aims, History and Base in the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies at the University of Leeds.

Elsewhere on this website, you can find information about: the Founding Team, Affiliated Researchers, Visiting Fellows and Research Students; our research Projects and Partnerships; Events relating to the AWP, as well as our Annual Symposia and the International Contemporary Artists' Book Fair; and who to contact with Project Enquiries, Supervision Enquiries or about PR and Media matters.

Whenever possible, we will make recordings of our events freely available here on the site and share files or transcripts from our events and publications.

Recent & Upcoming

Recent events: Emerging artist support programme, 'New Writing with New Contemporaries', part one at Leeds Art Gallery (November 2019). European Artistic Research Network conference, 'Citation', Leeds (October 2019). 'Opening Up' at University of Applied Arts, Vienna (2019). Film screening and discussion, 'The Spark is You' at Parasol Unit, London (June 2019). 'Print and Society' at Manchester University (2019). 'Structures and Voices: Storytelling in Post-Digital Times' conference, Gdansk (June 2019). 'Experimental Publishing: Critique, Intervention and Speculation' symposium, Coventry (May 2019). 'Publishing Sphere' conference, Montréal (May 2019). 'Revolt, She Said' symposium, London (March 2018). 'Gestures: Writing that Moves Between' conference, Manchester (February 2019). 'Books, Readers, and Reading: Celebrating 250 Years of the Leeds Library', conference at Leeds Library, September 2018.  'RTFM:  Artists’ Publications as Instructions, Scores and Manuals', annual AWP symposium at The Tetley, September 2018. New documentary on Laurence Sterne for the York Festival of Ideas (University of York), June 2018. The 21st International Contemporary Artists' Book Fair in Leeds (The Tetley, Leeds), March 3-4. Exhibition and panel at Transmediale 2018 (HKW, Berlin), February 2018. 'Using Letterpress', international workshop at the National Print Museum (Dublin), November 2017. 'Speculative Libraries', research seminar at the University of Leeds, November 2017.  Artists who wrote in the 16-18th centuries, at the Double Talents workshop (Scuola Normale, Pisa, October 2017). Document sharing as documentary practice, at the Document Practices symposium (May 2017). Artists' books as research tools and outcomes, at the Future Legacies symposium (April 2017). The politics of radical publishing, at the Publishing—Art—Communism symposium (MayDay Rooms, June 2017). Inter-media methods, at the Rethinking Interaction in the Post-Digital  symposium (UCA Farnham, June 2017).

New outputs: 'The Alt-Right Complex' at HMKV (Dortmund, March-September 2019). 'The Echo of Your Departures II' at Danielle Arnaud Gallery (London, June 2019). 'Do or DIY' in Publishing Manifestos (MIT, 2019). 'Another Land' at Kingston Museum (London, April-June 2019).  'Anti-Book (Review)' in Comparative Critical Studies vol.16:1 (Edinburgh UP, 2019). Post-Digital Cultures of the Far Right, published by Transcript, winter 2018. 'Between the Visible and the Invisible', at the Maraya Art Centre (Sharjah, September-November 2018). 'Under Pressure' at Q21 (Vienna, September-November, 2018). 'Document Practices' (Transmediale Journal 2018). 'What Was Conceptual Writing?' in Postscript: Writing After Conceptual Art (Toronto UP, 2018). 'Entangle' at Phoenix Art Centre (Brighton, August 2018). 'From Secular Temples to Information Warehouses'  in Modernsim/modernity (2018). 'Doing the Splits'  in Frieze (2017). Talks from the Document Practices symposium for streaming and download thanks to our friends at Backdoor Broadcasting'The House That Heals the Soul' at CCA Glasgow (July-September 2017). 'Hate Library'  at Foksal Gallery (Warsaw, June-September 2017). Vexations at The Calder, Hepworth Wakefield (2017). The Economy is Spinning at Onomatopee (Eindhoven, 2017). Somebody's Got To Do It published by Ridinghouse (2017). 'Collective Formations' in Brand New Life (2017). 'Happy Birthday UBU'  in Frieze (2017).

Upcoming events: John Cage and Peter Yates: Correspondence on Musical Criticism and Aesthetics forthcoming from Cambridge University Press (2019). 'Word and Image' research seminar, Courtauld Institute (London, 2020). Art History research seminar, Northumbria University (Newcastle, 2020).